Libera #hardware§ 

An Libera IRC community for all your computer hardware questions.§ 

Channel Rules§ 

Channel Policies§ 

We define a Help Vampire as:

A Help Vampire problem is the idea that some users will continually ask the same tired
questions in the hope that someone else will do their work for them, irrespective of
whether the same question has already been asked or whether they could easily find
the solution elsewhere.

Other symptoms include:

Will continue to extend the original question with continued questions, even after the
original question has been well answered.

Provides just a brief and vague overview about the problem, omitting vital information,
and assumes that answerers are able to grok the context of the poster's problem, as if
they were asking their team lead the problem directly.

Will attempt to pester an answerer with continued questions several days later, on 
unrelated matters.

And once they've sucked every last ounce of life from you, will then disappear without
so much as a thanks.

Our Channels§ 

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Getting Unbanned§ 

First and foremost, always treat staff members with respect. In #hardware-ops, you can openly discuss the ban or quiet that has been imposed. This designated channel serves as a platform for users to address their concerns and seek clarification on the reasons behind the ban.

If you firmly believe that the ban was a mistake or there has been a misunderstanding, make your case in #hardware-ops. However, it's essential to keep your argument concise and focused. The key to a successful appeal lies in demonstrating a clear understanding of the behavior that led to the ban.

When appealing a ban or quiet, the staff typically expect three key elements:

  1. Demonstrated Understanding: Clearly articulate your understanding of the specific behavior that led to the ban. This shows that you've reflected on the issue and are aware of what went wrong.

  2. Expression of Remorse: Express genuine remorse for your actions. Acknowledge the impact of your behavior on the community and the importance of maintaining a positive atmosphere on the IRC channel.

  3. Pledge/Affirmation for the Future: Assure the staff that you have learned from the experience and are committed to avoiding similar behavior in the future. A sincere pledge to uphold the community guidelines can go a long way in convincing the staff of your intent to contribute positively to the channel.

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