Benchmarks & Reviews§ 


Specialised towards Linux, Phoronix is an essential source of Hardware Reviews as well as Linux and Open Source news. Its the sister site to openbenchmarking.


One of the oldest computer publicaitons still around, whilst far from its glory days with Ian Cutress or Gary Key, it is still a reputable source.

Tech Power Up§ 

A very prolific review/news site with easy to understand data with great easy to digest reviews and aggregated graphs. Home to many useful databases, including the SSD Database.

Serve The Home§ 

Server, networking and enterprised focused reviews & news.

Gamers Nexus§ 

In depth, technical PC reviews & news with a side of investagetive journalism.


Deeply technical reviews and news specialised for displays, monitors and their techologies.


Comprehensive databases/reviews of various topics with a great comparison tool. They also do long running tests of special interests including OLED burn in testing.

Includes reviews/databases for TV's, Headphones, Monitors, Soundbars, Keyboards, And many more topics!


A great general purpose PC review/news site. Youtube videos can be found under Hardware Unboxed.

Hardware Unboxed§ 

Pcgaming focused reviews, benchmarks and more. The youtube arm of techspot.

Monitors Unboxed§ 

Hardware Unboxed but specialised for monitors.

Hardware Busters§ 

Aris Mpitziopoulos's website, great general PC focused resource.

Notable folks§ 

Ian Cutress§ 

Previously the lead writer for Anandtech. Ian Cutress has since branched out onto their own doing consulting in the Semi-Conductor business.

Aris Mpitziopoulos§ 

Contributing editor to many notable sites, including, Igors Lab, TechPowerUp and Toms Hardware. Aris is also currently the CEO and Chief Test Engineer for Cybenetics.

Igor Wallossek§ 

Editor-in-cheif for Tom's Hardware Germany (now succeded by igor'sLAB).

Industry News, Research Analysis§ 

Chips And Cheese§ 

Deep technical articles about processors, everything from micro architecture design, to memory subsytems, IPC and everything else in between.

More Than Moore§ 





WikiChip is self described as the preeminent resource for computer architectures and semiconductor logic engineering, covering historical and contemporary electronic systems, technologies, and related topics.




A tool to assist with pc parts selection, provides compatibility guidance, price aggregation and the ability to easily share computer builds.

Crucial Upgrade Tool§ 

Provides an easy way to find compatible (Crucial/Micron) storage and memory for your devices, particularlly useful for hard to find laptops.


Memtest86+ is a stand-alone memory tester for x86 and x86-64 architecture computers. It provides a more thorough memory check than that provided by BIOS memory tests. A useful tool to validate the stability of memory, preferred to the commierical version as it'll run continously.